Our Training

Individual transformation, institutional impact.

L’Taken training provides a framework to understand antisemitism and the practical tools to disrupt it – within ourselves, our relationships, and our institutions. Our packages range from one-day trainings to longer-term partnerships, depending on need.

The Foundations

Ayecha – antisemitism training for non-Jewish groups

& groups with some Jewish members

Hineini – antisemitism training for Jewish groups

L’Taken’s flagship training, Ayecha/Hineini, equips leaders with skills, tools, and analysis to:


Understand how historic and contemporary antisemitism operates and what role it plays

Identify and disrupt antisemitism when it occurs

Explore the complexities of Jewish identities

Identify language, practices and norms that can cause harm to Jewish people

Understand how antisemitism intersects with other forms of racism and oppression

Place antisemitism in a broader context of antiracism

Deepen their knowledge about the history of antisemitism in the UK

Develop a shared language for talking about antisemitism and the Jewish community

Understand the relationship of Jews to whiteness

Recognise how antisemitism can hurt movements fighting for a better world

Leave with increased clarity about the role they want to play in tackling antisemitism

Build positive relationships with Jewish trainers

Why have we called our training Ayecha  and Hineini?

Ayecha is the existential question asked to our ancestors in the Torah. It means “where are you?” Hineini  is the answer – “I am here.” That we are present, committed, and have answered the call.

Ayecha and Hineini last between six and eight hours. Our focus is on transformation, not just teaching. Our purpose is to create fewer antisemites, not just better educated ones, and that takes time. A lot of harm has been enacted over the past few years by people speaking about antisemitism when they haven’t adequately understood it, and our curriculum and materials are designed to interrupt that pattern. We want you to leave feeling able to build a better world by leading the fight against antisemitism.

“Our purpose is to create fewer antisemites, not just better educated ones, and that takes time”

A snapshot of our schedule

Part 1: Framing & Culture Setting

  • Welcome & introduction
  • Scene setting: the training commandments
  • Opening rounds
  • Associations & stereotypes

Part 2: Who Are The Jews?

  • What is Judaism & who are the Jews? 
  • The relationship between Jews and whiteness
  • Demographics of the modern Jewish community
  • A note on language: the words “Jew” and “antisemitism”
  • A brief history of British antisemitism 

Part 3: What Is Antisemitism & How Does It Work?

  • Truths & traits antisemitism shares with other oppressions
  • Truths & Traits specific to antisemitism 
  • Identifying & understanding antisemitic tropes
  • Canary in the coal mine: the impact of rising antisemitism today

Part 4: How Do We Effectively Disrupt Antisemitism?

  • How antisemitism divides minority communities
  • How antisemitism divides movements fighting for a better world
  • How not to fight antisemitism
  • Stop, start, continue: a guide to language & behaviour 
  • How antisemitism intersects with other oppressions
  • What to do tomorrow: dismantling antisemitism in your relationships & institutions

Part 5: Closing & Reflections

  • Q&A
  • Final thoughts
  • Avenues for continued learning


L’taken offers follow-up training for individuals and organisations who have participated in Ayecha/Hineini and want to deepen their learning and practice. Topics include:

  • Antisemitism and Israel/Palestine
  • Antisemitism and the Church
  • Antisemitism on the British Left
  • Antisemitism in the Arab World
  • Antisemitism and White Nationalism
  • Antisemitism and Anti-Black Racism

If there is a topic you want to explore in-depth, just let us know.

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We often wonder about antisemitism in our institutions. Is it really there? What do we do when it shows up? It’s actually pretty simple: of course it’s there, it shows up everywhere. That’s why we support organisations to lead difficult conversations on antisemitism, to develop strategies that effectively disrupt it, and to respond thoughtfully when occurs. L’Taken consultancy provides support to institutions seeking to engage in critical dialogue about their culture, policies, and processes. Our consultancy is designed to provide practical tools and guidance to help leaders build more just and equal institutions. 

Open Training

We run public courses throughout the year. If you would like to be notified about our upcoming trainings, please complete the form on our Contact page with your name and a sentence about who you are and why you want to attend.