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“Amelia and Charlotte understand antisemitism, they understand progressive politics, and they understand anti-racism. More importantly, they know how to convey all this knowledge in a way that is enlightening, fun and ultimately optimistic. The last few years have shown how important it is for progressive activists to learn how to recognise and tackle antisemitism, whether within their own movement or in society as a whole – this training will help you do it.”

– Dave Rich, Director of Policy, Community Security Trust (CST)

“L’Taken Antisemitism Training is the most engaging, authoritative and in-depth training tailored to the British context that currently exists. It is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and language to challenge antisemitism in its various forms. For all of us concerned about the rise of racial and religious hatreds, this is the best training available. Antisemitism is the taproot of other forms of racial and religious bigotry and hatred and, in different forms, can be found across the political spectrum, on the Left and on the Right. Too often we leave the necessary response to antisemitism to the Jewish community. We shouldn’t – it is everyone’s fight: both a moral duty and strategic necessity to counter all forms of bigotry and hatred.”

– Will Somerville, UK Program Director, Unbound Philanthropy

“All effective activism begins with understanding the world we’re in. Antisemitism is fracturing our movements strategically and disfiguring them morally. This training helps participants to take an unflinching look at the problem but also gives us the analysis, the tools and the power to be part of the solution. I’ve thought about something I learnt on it every day since.”

– Kirsty McNeill, Executive Director for Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns, Save the Children

“This training has really stayed with me. Amelia and Charlotte are expert facilitators and I came away with an immediate grasp on antisemitic tropes and dog whistles, as wells as the language to challenge them. The visual aids made it accessible, but it was the warm and brave learning space that was cultivated that’s made it so memorable.”

– Janey Starling, Campaign Director, Level Up

“I really can’t recommend L’Taken’s training on antisemitism enough. Charlotte and Amelia are expert facilitators and all Southwark Labour councillors who took part in the training were unanimous in their praise for its quality and relevance. All of us in the Labour movement need to lead on this issue and this training is an essential building block to doing so.”

– Maggie Browning, Councillor & Chief Whip, Southwark Council Labour Group